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​Current Bidding Projects

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Granger Hunter 18L - Well 16 Generator Replacement

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Current Projects in Progress

SLC HVAC Improvements at Pre-Sedimentation Unit & Replacement of MCC2A at the Pre-Sedimentation Building
Specifications     Drawings    

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Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District Exhibit

Specifications     Conformed Drawings    General Conditions 

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Ogden 46th Street Pump House

Conformed Plans 1-15-18   Specifications     Addendum 1     Addendum 2     

Ogden City Standard 2013   Geo Tech Report

Granger Hunter Warner WWPS

Conformed Plans     Specifications     Addendum 1     Addendum 2   

Central Utah WCD Wells 14 & 15

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Central Utah WCD  Well 13
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